Empodera Latina
Empodera Latina

Season 3, Episode 2 · 5 months ago

The Oxy Complex with Anna LaMadrid


On this episode I sit down with Anna LaMadrid and discuss her newest show The Oxy Complex, a dark comedy about modern dating and the hormone that affects it all- Oxytocin. 

A Venezuelan born, East Coast-bred actor living in Los Angeles, Anna LaMadrid starred as sardonic, gum-snapping “Jamie” in the critically acclaimed IAMA production of Bess Wohl’s American Hero (“boundlessly funny” — Los Angeles Times) and is a Stage Raw Award recipient for female comedy performance for her take on “Betty 3” in Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Boops at Boston Court. Her TV credits include Vida on Starz (recurring); Love, Victor on Hulu; Call Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy on ABC; and she was selected to participate in the ABC Discovers Showcase. In 2016, she opened Put Me On Self-Tape, a self-tape and audition coaching studio in L.A. In 2021, she is launching The New Triple Threat® - a membership platform providing holistic training for actors at every level in their career.

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Show extended through the end of April!

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