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Mini-sode: 3 tips to jump start 2020


I've been MIA for a bit, find out why and what 3 tips I'm using to kick start 2020.  This podcast is dedicate to all my empowerment circle of supporters and patrons who are loyal followers and support this podcast. For more information on becoming part of the goddesses, visit: --- Send in a voice message:

You're listening to empowerment and allthat podcast, your favorite podcast for women's empowerment, hosted by RidaBautista it's time to be reminded of the authority of your inner goddess andelevate the power within. Are you ready all right guys? I'm back. I know it'sbeen a while, but happy two thousand and twenty to everybody. You guys quickupdate. I made it to three thousand downloads for the episode so far andit's insane because literally I haven't posted anything since probably November,so I want to tell everybody out there that you guys have been such amazingsupporters of the podcast of my instagram page ad empowerment, and allthat and really just following along with me in this journey of continuingto record and put episodes out there, I decided to rebrand and change thepodcast picture updated the website. I wanted to really decide that for twothousand and twenty I'm going to level up now. Let me tell you why I did start a community called Lettenapodcasters on facebook. So at first I didn't think anybody was really goingto join and you guys in two months, like two hundred plus people havejoined the private group and the instagram page is up to eight hundredand fifty people in less than two months. So it's been so amazing towatch this journey. In less than two months, I've been able to connect withextraordinarywomen all over the country and the world who are podcasting anddoing workshops and theyre connecting me with some more amazing people in thepodcasting arena. So because of that, I had to take on really thinking aboutwhat the angle or the direction in which the podcast is going to go nextyear or this year. Sorry we're already here right and interestingly enough, every week onthe podcast group, Lettiga podcasters, we come up with a theme, so it's myselfand my co founder Nicole Hernandaz and we kind of tag team it or sometimeswe'll come up with our own, and this week's podcasting theme was Gonganasand for those of you who speak Spanish or no Spanish gonganas means to havethe will power. The desire some people would say, passion Ganas, also meanslike how much do you earn. So it's a word that can be used in so manydifferent ways. But in this context I said Lokonganas is to put your desire,or your will out there to do it with all your might, even when you don'thave the energy to do it. So I decided that for two thousand andtwenty I'm going to continue to work on the PODCAST, I'm relaunching inFebruary, and I will be going back to podcasting more frequently, but now I'mgoing to go by weekly instead of every week on Wednesday I'll be continuing toshare some amazing tips and growth opportunities, motivational storiesfrom different women all around the country and the world really and just bringing you a very diverse podcast, something that you can reallykind of see people from different walks of life, women who are just doing such amazingthings, even men, men who have different topics, the related to women,that women would be interested in hearing. I just recently had my friend Charlescorprew on the show about two months ago about a month anda half ago and he's a doctor of personal development and psychology,and so he just gives such great...

...perspective because he has a podcast aswell. That's all about male masculinity and when him and I are on the episodestogether, it's just a lot of fun. The other episode I really really reallyenjoyed was with Lieutenant Kelly Hall who's about to compete for MisCalifornia, in in like a week, and so you know, thispodcast is really just given me the opportunity to connect with some reallygreat people, and I want to give a huge thank you outto, everybody who islistening, because you guys have been sending me such inspirational messages.I mean I've had people from high school that I haven't seen in years. Tell methat theire P, that my podcast has really kind of given them some someperspective and light on different issues, and things like that which hasbeen really awesome. I've had people from that. I've never met before thathave sent me messages through instagram. That are just like. Thank you so much.You know you. Your tips were pretty inspiring, or it really motivated me toget off my behind and start doing something or what a unique story fromyour podcaster who went and cross the border to go help immigrants on theother side of Mexico on the other side of the border in Mexico, and you knowto me truthfully- and I think this goes for pretty much all podcasters- who arenot technically professional podcasters. We don't really think anybody'slistening, which I think is the funniest thing right. You put yourvoice on a microphone and then you upload it and you don't really thinkthat anybody's paying attention. But apparently there are a lot of peoplepaying attention and I have obviously about ninety percent of my listenershipcomes from the United States, but the podcast is now diversifying all over the world, whichwas one of my nistions to begin with, and I cannot even explain to you howexciting that is to know that there are people in India and the DominicanRepublic in Hadi in Ireland, shut out to my friends out in Ireland. You knowwho you are: You Know Europe, the UK everywhere Imean people are listening and it's just really exciting because, like I saidwhen you start a podcast, you don't necessarily know whether one person ortensand people are going to listen to you and the simple fact that you guysare listening. It really just it warms my heart, it makes me feel like. I oweit to you guys to make sure I'm putting out a better quality product for you.So three tips that I'm using right now tojump start, my two thousand and twenty. Obviously, as I mentioned, one of themis going to make sure that I'm working on leveling up and leveling up in allaspects of my life. One being you know the podcast makingsure that everything that I do podcast wise is not only to level up my podcast,but also because I'm creating this community. I want to set an example forthose who are coming after me, and I want to also empower other women to dothe same. I'm really excited and lucky, because I just decided I'm sorry. I was asked to sit on a panel of ahundred and fifty young Latinas in DC, and these young women are, you know, thery. They come from suchdifferent backgrounds, and the purpose of the panel is to be able to give theminsight on diverse career opportunities, are in creativity and allowing them tobe able to use podcasting in a space where it allows for them to startdeveloping career career choices and also skills andtalents. Before they even maybe start college. You know, maybe they want tobe broadcasters or maybe they want to... Maybe they want to star podcasting,because the truth of the matter is is the direction in which podcasting isgoing right? Now radio is come, you know, is Goingto have a lot ofcompetition, but you know there's a lot of opportunityfor people and I'm super excited in like extremely extremely happy to bepart of this panel. It's the first one where I'll actually be addressing highschool students close to the area which I was raised inBaltimore Iti mean I know, Baltmordan DC peoplealways have that rip between them, but you know it's just exciting to see thatI can actually give back to the community in that area that I that I have such fin memories about so yeah. So for two thousand and twentyI'm definitely using the word leveling up and making sure that, for everythingthat I do, I'm going to put my best foot forward. So that comes to the other tip that I'mgoing to give you to jump start your two thousand and twenty, and it's theone that I hate, the most believe it or not. For a person whoaccomplishes so much you'd be surprised how much I cannot stand doing goalsetting and I have a mentoir right now, who is an entrepreneur, she's, insanelyamazing, a Canadian friend of mine, her favorite thing in the world is to goalset and I swear. If she could set goals for people to fold their laundry, she would totallydo it. She is in awesome, awesome just great mentor friend Roe Model. I lovethis woman so much. She has been such a godsend over the last couple of monthsand truthfully, if it wasn't for her, Iprobably wouldn't be considering goal setting as much as I needed to and Ihave been and I've been working on it and I've been working on goalsetting.So much that I now funny enough. I really really wanted a white board formy house for my apartment shockingly enough. I cannot stand the way a whiteboard looks and I'm like. I don't want a whiteboard in my house. I want tomake a white board a fancy, pretty white board that can go in my house orwhatever, and I mean it was funny because her and I and her husband evensat back and we're like okay, let's, let's do some research on these fancywhite boards, because you're going to need something in your place. Well, I went to dinner with another ventor ofmine, who is a sports agent, and he told me when I was telling him aboutthis white board and he's like Wea. Why don't you make it and sell it, orinstead of doing all that just buy a dry race board and write on yourmirrors and your windows and your sliding door? And I was like, Oh my God. Why didn't I think of that?So if you come to my apartment right now, you're going to think I'm absolutelybadchik crazy, but I have written all of my daily schedule on mymirror in my bathroom, I have positive quotes all over the mare on thebathroom. I have my goals, my tenyear plan. My massive major goal is se issomething that I look at every single morning when I brush my teeth sovisualizing these things and I'm seeing them, and I see my schedule- and I seeit's not down to the minute- it's not that intense. But at least I know thatI can see my goal right in front of me every single morning and I'm ready tomonopolize on my goals, I'm ready to push them forward. I'm ready to do whatI need to do. I've brushed my teeth. My mouth is so fresh and so clean and I'mgoing to tackle on the world. I guarantee you if you take a dry racemarker to the mirror, that's right in front of your in your bathroom and youwrite a positive message and your goal for the day. I can guarantee you, youwill accomplish it. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm tellingyou I've been crushing it ever since so I've written all over my sliding door, I'm pretty sure myneighbors think I'm absolutely crazy, but that's okay. I mean who doesn'tthink I'm crazy. It's cool I'm used to... now, but but anyway, goal setting isObvou, definitely been one of the things. That's helped me jump star andI started two thousand and twenty way before two thousand and twenty Istarted two thsandn Twenten, wo thousand and nineteen. I startedprobably way back in September October, I'd been reallylooking at my life as a whole, and you know I had some challenges inOctober and even with those I was like you knowwhat whatever comes out of this, whatever the outcome is genuinely outof this iam going to still be, who I am and because of that, I'm just going tokeep pushing forward, and you know in the past, I used to fall and it would take me forever to get back upor whatever. But luckily I have some really good friendships around me rightnow. I have great coping mechanisms that I'vecreated that really kind of helped me check myself when I feel like I'mgetting to this point of like Oh, I might be going down, I'm getting sador whatever. Obviously I still feel my emotions, but I continue my meditation and my YogaPractice was definitely helps me recenter and focus. So that's definitely something that hasbeen a part of my life that I know when Iget too far away from that. I can definitely feel the difference andthat's actually one of my other jump starts to two thousand and twenty,which is an Ode to my health. You know last year I turned twenty five.Thirty, five, sorry twenty five, but I feel like I'm twenty five, I turnedthirty five and one of my favorite things was going to get my checkup with my doctor, and you know he didpull my screen. He did all of M my tests and you know, checked my bloodand everything and he was like you are ridiculously healthy. It is awesome andI'm like wow, that's great. You know that really is exciting to hear that you know that I've just been on thegreat track with you know, taking care of myself and being in good shape andand just being healthy. I still like my cocktails because who doesn't, but you know, evenwith one or two or three or whenever I near I don't drink naily as much as Iused to before, but even with you know my cocktails and enjoying myselfoccasionally having some really good crawfish, which I's about to becrawfish season again I'll, be paying ten dollars a pound here in Texas,which is heartbreaking, but even with all of that, you know, I'mstill very, very healthy, and you know my mindsets very healthy. My heart is getting healthy. Myeverything is just like on a right track, for you know giving a good ode and a goodnod to my health and my life, which you know. I basically put thesebuilding blocks in place. I didn't grow up being taught to exercise or eatingsuper healthy or doing any of these things, but one of my grandio goals isto make it two a hundred years old and a lot of people are always like. Why do you want to be a hundred? I saybecause it gives me the opportunity to meet so many people in life, but I getto see ten decades of change and if I want to get there, I need tomake sure that I'm staying on track with my health, so forcing myselfsometimes out of the couch. But at the same time I have you know, like I saidI enjoy yoga, I enjoy being healthy and making good choices,and so you know it's part of my life, so you know I make sure to make sure to just give myself a nod onmy health, and you know I guarantee you if you try, even if it's somethingsimple is like drinking eight ounces of...

...water, ten glasses of eight ounces ofwater a day five days a week, you know something assimple as that can really jump start your health and it's really just aboutgetting in momentum and getting that moment up started because once you getone thing off the ground, then you get the next thing off the ground and youjust keep going. You know it's like the snowball effect. The last thing- and I want to say thisbecause, like I said goal setting payin the butt,but it's important- you know making sure you're healthy pain in the butt,but it's important. The last one is having realisticexpectations of myself. I think in life in general, I've alwayshad some pretty high expectations of everything, and I also forget that, just because I've been able to pushthrough and accomplish a lot of things in my life doesn't necessarily meanthat every single person around me can do the same, and so I've kind of learned to be a littlemore forgiving of myself and I'm still working on being more forgiving ofothers as well. It's not you know, I'm not the best at being understanding, but I'm working onit, and so with that being said, having realistic expectations of the thingsthat I'm doing and not being not challenging myself to go way above andbeyond. You know, with my goals that have set in place for this here:They're pretty big and one of them, which I'm reallyexcited about, and I talked about earliers the Ladina podcast, thecommunity. I want to continue to grow that, luckily we have a partnership that Ican't wait to talk about. I'm super excited to announce it. We were asked to participate in anevent in March. In October I mean in Orlando, and you know for something that just got started.Two months ago, I've already been asked to be part of three different things torepresent the community. To me, it's something that's showing a lot ofmomentum and it's all been on its own. You know the good things in life cometo you without you having to force them, because anything, that's forced is notnaturally supposed to be something for you. MTISS is a lesson that I've learnedover and over again in my life, but because the fact that letting uppodcasters is growing at the rate that it's going and we're seeing suchpositive feedback. I do have some really awesome goals for it. We want todo a minitour at the end of the year and so Nihole and I will berepresenting lite, Dena podcasters and we're going to be going to New York,Chicago La and we'll have one in Houston. As well, obviously, becauseI'm here and with this partnership that we're working with that person willalso be joining us here in Houston, so I'll be super excited to announce it assoon as everything's finalized. But if you guys want more information on otherpodcasters out there, that are also ladinas that are sharing their voiceswith the world and the community. Please feel free find us on instagram.There are a whole bunch of women on there. Now we do a great job of highlighting apodcaster of the week and the reason I wanted to start. Thatwas because you know, if you're part of a community,that's not being celebrated it's up to you to be the person tocelebrate your sister, because you're only as big as thecommunity that you help grow. So for me, I've always been lucky to find myselfin environments that I might not have...

...that. I shouldn't have been in given mybackground in the way that I was raised, but I'm a fighter and unfortunately, sometimes thosetraits aren't the best in every situation. But in these situationsbeing a fighter and creating a platform when there isn't one is the best way togo, because I, like I said over the lasttwo months, have been able to just connect with some amazing women. I meanextraordinary women who are just out here doing extraordinary things and they are mymotivation and they are my mentors and they're pushing me to be better withouteven knowing it. But at the same time I have to haverealist, realistic expectations. So if one thing or another doesn't happen,I'm not going to be super bummed. I am going to commit to, like I said, doingto podcast episodes a month in February and I'm going to forgive myself if Ijust think just happened to forget one, but I'm going to try my best to geteverything situated, I'm going to release and do probably twelve episodesat a time per season. So that way, you guys get twelveepisodes at the beginning of the year, maybe twelve at the in the end of theyear, just to keep the momentum going. One last thing I want to talk aboutbefore I get off: is you know it doesn't matter what year?It is whether it's two thousand and twenty New Year knew me knew this knewthat you don't have to wait for the turn of a year to start working onyourself. Sometimes working on yourself lookslike getting up out of bed and brushing your teeth if you've had a really roughyear, sometimes working on yourself is realizing that you're a workaholic, andthat you need to take a step back and remove things from your schedulebecause they're not benefiting you. That was something I had to doliterally as the change of the season at the change of the year and I'm stilldoing it. I don't know if you notice, but myvoice is a little raspy, because I had the flu and then it turned intoLarangidas and I'm just getting my voice back and I've been having one of my guests that I'm goingto be recording who's going to be the kickoff to February's relaunch. I'vehad her on hold since December, trying to get an episode uploaded sorry because unrealistic expectations right, Iexpected that I was going to be able to do it one day and then I got sick andthen I had to push it back and push it back and Puck US put it push it backand now it's January and I'm like you, know what. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe it's a signthat I need to just kind of take a step back, relax for a second release. Amany episode tell everybody what I've been up to and then let them know thatI'll be back in February with some really awesome stories. Funny Enough, my next episode, the onethat launches in February is going to be about goal. Setting af this reallyawesome coach named Jessica who's, going to come on and she's going totalk about just some really cool, unique ways to do. goalsetting whereyou know you're checking in with yourself it's still selfawarenessyou're, not creating expectations that you can't reach and you're forgivingyourself and so she's Goinna go dive real deep into that and give us somereally awesome tips on how to do that and how to stayon track with your goals, but seriously you guys if, for some reason or anotheryou're, not hitting your mark, forgive yourself because sometimes we set thesegoals that we think are just Goingno, we're just going to smash through thesegoals. But we don't even have the momentum... go for a walk. You know we don'thave the energy to cook dinner. We don't have the energy to get out of bed to read a book. You know it's so funny. Sometimes when youremove things from your schedule, the things that come up oddly enough, Iremoved so much stuff from my schedule after the ravens lost. Yes, I'm stillbitter about it, but anyway, I still think they should have gone. IThe superbow but Ayway okay, so I realized I looked at my scheduleafter that and I was like wow. You know like I've had way too much time given to things that may not haveactually benefited or suited me. So now it's time to relax, and so I read anentire book. I haven't read a book in like three months which for me is kindof weird, but I read an entire book in one sitting just because I was like wowthis. You know I miss reading yeah, I miss reading books. I miss doing my podcast, which was like I saidsomething that I realized I' missed, just laying on my couch with my dog andwatching meaningless television, which I realized is a form of self love andselfawareness. For me, if I give myself at least thirty minutes a day to dothat, it's just kind of like something that helps me wind down my day, I missed you know going for a long walkin my neighborhood with my dog, because I love, if you guys live inHouston, I live close to Westugh. Sorry, I live in West EU and these Mikmansions that are all around me are just gorgeous because each one of themis so unique and so anyway, like you said, I just wanted to check him with youguys. Give you a little bit of my background. Tell you a little bit aboutwhat's going on and let you know that it's okay, even though it's new year, whether you're smashing goals everysingle day or you're just getting started, or you just got on yourPelaton and realize that your shoes don't fit or you know you went for a run and youculd only get down the block. Who Cares as long as you are happy? That's all itmatters so give yourself a break all right. Yeah, I'm signing off remember to keep itpositive or don't keep it at all I'll, be back in February. Don't miss me toomuch all righ guys, bye thanks for turning into empowerment andall that podcast with your host read about Tista want to help me grow thelistener tribe, make sure to subscribe to this podcast and follow us oninstagram and facebook under empowerment, and all that and remember,keep it positive or don't keep it at all.

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