Empodera Latina
Empodera Latina

Season 3, Episode 7 · 1 month ago

How to Generate Wealth through Investing with Linda Garcia


On this week’s episode we talk all things stocks and investing with CEO and wealth generator, Linda Garcia!

California native, Linda Garcia is a former marketing executive in TV and film who supported well-recognized TV networks, movie studios and streaming services specifically building programming catered to U.S. Hispanics. After 17 years, she parted ways and decided to create a weekly podcast that is aimed to channel one’s spiritual journey, Let There Be Luz. In 2019, she uprooted to Dallas, where Garcia has unraveled her life’s purpose to help heal the generational wounds in the Latinx community specifically tied to build wealth from a unique spiritual perspective. During the Summer of 2020, she launched her first beginners stock market course thus creating a community of Latinx investors on Patreon known as In Luz We Trust. 

You can join the community for BIPOC-Investing for Generational Wealth at @inluzwetrust and visit

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