Empodera Latina
Empodera Latina

Season 3, Episode 1 · 5 months ago

Entrepreneurial Intuition with Ana Flores


Welcome to the launch of Empodera Latina, formerly Empowerment and All That. On this debut episode I am joined by Ana Flores, founder and CEO of #WeAllGrowLatina. We dive into the struggles of running a company during a pandemic, changing business models, wage inequality amongst Latinas, and much more. 

#WeAllGrow Latina Network is the first and largest network of Latina digital influencers with a mission to elevate the voices and stories of Latinas through the power of community. The company’s annual #WeAllGrow Summit was named by as one of “19 Conferences Every Creative Should Attend in 2018” and again on the 2019 list.

Ana has been recognized by the prestigious Holmes Report among their 2015 Innovator 25 and was named as one of People en Español’s “Las 25 Mujeres Más Poderosas” of 2017. In 2016 she was invited to speak on two occasions at the White House, including the United State of Women Summit on gender diversity and women empowerment issues. She's on NALIP’s Diverse Women in Media Initiative Advisory Committee, a member of Take the Lead's #50WomenCan first media cohort, Common Sense Media’s Latino Advisory Council and currently sits on the Barbie Global Advisory Council.

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